Monday, September 13, 2010

Lemon Bars

I tried a new recipe tonight. I've never been much of a lemon bar fan, but for some reason this recipe I saw in Fitness Magazine caught my eye. It seemed so easy and didn't require anything that I don't normally have on hand anyways, so I gave it a whirl. I figured if it was good it would be a good, quick dessert option.

The crust was simply a matter of cutting some butter into some flour & sugar. Super easy.

Zesting and juicing the lemons may have been the most time consuming part of the whole recipe.

Oooh. Looks good....

Tastes good too!

Actually these bars got rave reviews from the entire family, which in my book makes it a keeper recipe. I am not going to post the recipe because its at the website I linked up above. It's pretty light in calories and fat, and the lemony taste is quite refreshing, not overpoweringly lemon at all!

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  1. yummy! I am over the moon about lemony and pumpkin things! not together... they are just my two flavors this year that I can't get enough of! I can't wait for the recipe! =)


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