Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

I actually remembered to weight myself this morning before breakfast! I was making my latte (don't worry its skim milk), which is the first thing I do, when I remembered. So I promptly, and quietly as to let Lindsay keep sleeping, went to weigh myself.

I am disappointed that I didn't lose anything, but at least the scale didn't go up, right? I weigh the same as last week at this time, 170. Although the scale I use isn't digital and has a tendency to read weird--for example I have to take a pound off what it registers because I can't get it set to exactly zero for some strange reason. So, who knows, maybe I lost a half a pound this week. But I am not measuring halves, just wholes, so for this week I guess I stayed put.

I could try to blame it on all the weird cravings and feelings that go with monthly hormones because those were certainly present the past week. But in all honesty, I'm still not keeping very good track of my eating and am taking more "free" days than I really should. I've been keeping track of my calories in a little notebook on my kitchen counter, writing everything by hand, but maybe I need to change it up and make it more interesting or something, I don't know. All I know is that my body is sore and I did every day of my workout last week, so I know I got the exercise stuff down, now I just gotta manage the eating part. Unfortunately this is always my problem. I love the exercise but fail at the eating well, which is exactly why I am where I am. I count my lucky stars that I do love the exercise part, or I would probably have even more weight to lose.

On a happy note, my leg doesn't hurt, even when I do small doses of plyometrics with my workouts, so I'm thinking I'm ready for running again--that and its been almost 6 weeks. So I think Sunday is gonna be the lucky day. I can hardly wait!

Anyone have any tips on the whole eating part of this equation? I'm thinking its just a matter of mind over matter....

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