Monday, August 2, 2010

Hold On

We went up to the Flathead lake area to spend the weekend with Erik's folks who live up there. We went with high anticipation to take boat rides, pick some raspberries, swim in the lake, do some tubing and even maybe some water skiing. We've had quite a few warm days in a row that we figured the lake should feel pretty good by now.

When we left here Friday morning, the sun was shining and it looked to be a beautiful day. By the time we arrived in Big Arm the black clouds were rolling in and we were hoping to beat a torrential downpour since all our bags were in the back of the pick-up. We beat the rain, but it, the clouds and cooler temperatures managed to stick around the rest of the weekend. I spent a lot of time reading while the girls played with the toys inside the studio.  Which was fine, but we were a little disappointed.

Thankfully, the clouds parted and the sun was shining strong by Saturday afternoon, so we suited up and took off down to the lake. This is a view from the dock.

Another view from the dock. This is Papa's sailboat. We go out with him sometimes, but this isn't our ideal mode of transportation on the lake.

This would be our favorite. I took this picture while waiting to be picked up from the dock. Papa bought this boat at the end of last summer and got a great deal for a great boat. I had only been out on it once and haven't had a chance to go tubing or skiing yet. I was excited to get out there, as were the girls which would explain why they didn't wait to get started!!

Papa on the tube with the girls. Lindsay loves tubing, while Kera only likes it. Lindsay would ride all day and almost did, while Kera can handle it in small doses. I rode on it a couple times and noticed how incredibly tired my arms felt afterward. The next day, my arms were so sore, like I'd done a million push-ups or something. I decided that if we go out again I need to either tub or ski, there is no way I could do both in the same day! It was a fun time though, I am so grateful the sun came out for a bit so we could play.

It's kind of funny, they say that if you don't like the weather in Montana, wait five minutes because it will change, and sometimes that is true!

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  1. We have done some tubing this summer...its fun! I do believe we have the same background! :)


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