Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What I brought home from the lake

Isn't she purrrdy? This is my "New-to-me" bread machine that I picked up from a garage sale this past weekend for a whole $7. I've been wanting one for a little while and so I figure at $7, if its something that I don't end up using as much as I think (or if the machine doesn't actually work) its not a huge loss. Now I'm in the process of finding a good bread-machine recipe for gluten-free bread. It'll be experimentation time one of these days.

This sideways picture is mint I brought home from my mother-in-law's bountiful garden. I still need to figure out where to plant this stuff.

This is thyme, again from my green-thumbed MIL.

This is some sort of daisy.

Oregano  & possibly some marjoram


All the new plants (but the mint) in my front flower bed. It was looking sort of empty, so this was great. I hope they grow and get healthy and fill the bed.

And just because I came home to my poppy blooming and it looks so pretty.

I also brought home a sore leg. After my last post, I did suck it up and go for a run. I managed to get a 3 mile run in, but my right lower leg hurt the whole time, which was rather discouraging. I iced it after but it hurt the whole rest of the day, that night laying in bed and the next day. Even yesterday it hurt a bit when I first woke up. So I'm back on the "no running" plan for a few days, ice and rest. I'm really hoping this clears up on its own and soon, but I have a sinking feeling that my desire to run the half marathon this summer is going to be squashed and that is really discouraging to me. In the meantime I'm going to try to focus on watching more closely what I'm eating, doing some strength training, yoga, Pilate's, etc and walk on the treadmill. It sounds torturous, but its all I can do. There was talk of me going to a Physical therapist or doctor, but after chatting with Erik's bike/fourwheeler/snowmobile buddy on the phone who is a PT we decided to wait and baby it a bit longer. Honestly, I just want to go in and find out exactly what is wrong with it, part of me thinks that knowing what is wrong will help me deal with it better. But actually, whether is just a strain or shin sprint or stress fracture, they all require rest anyways, so it won't hurt to just keep resting. It's not like learning what it is will enable me to run sooner. I'm not too happy with it though.

Off to hang out with a dear friend and her new baby after getting my hair done, and I'm tired of these long longs, so I'll for sure have a new 'do I can show ya later.


  1. I am Awe of your 7$ bread machine! I love Garage Sales.
    I planted a garden and it died. I have a black thumb.
    Good luck and happy planting! Oh and I hope your leg feels better soon.

  2. So sorry to hear about your leg! I know how frustrating that can be. Hopefully it will get better soon but don't overdue it cuz that can have long lasting effects. Also be careful where you plant your mint. It grows and spreads like a weed so either put it somewhere that it can overtake or keep it in some kind of container. I have some that has taken over an entire garden box and I foresee a long battle ahead to contain it! Love ya and miss seeing you on facebook! :) Staci

  3. @ Alexis, thanks! I'm eager to try the bread machine out and I seriously couldn't believe my good luck on that one, especially if it works!

    @ Staci: I am trying not to overdo it, but its hard! I did buy this really cool ice thing, its like those paper cups that we use to use at nnc only its plastic and its two parts so it comes apart easily. Its super cool. (ha ha) And that is exactly why my mint isn't planted in the flower bed!


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