Saturday, June 19, 2010

Party and Road Trips

A now six-year old's birthday party, Father's Day and preparing for a week long (or more) trip means that this is probably all the blogging I have time for today, tomorrow and possibly all next week while we're gone. But, we'll see. Right now it is up in the air whether we're just driving the car and staying with friends or hauling the camper and making it an adventure along the way. We're headed through Wyoming to the Denver area, to this cool looking dude ranch for a family reunion of my father's family. I'm looking forward to it. The last time a majority of us got together, it was for a funeral, and so to get together for something happy, and meet all the cousins and the cousin's kids, will be great. Erik is from the Wyoming/Denver area, so we'll be showing the girls all his old haunts along the way, which should be interesting.

I've already frosted the mermaid cake (pictures to come later) now I need to finish the rest of the prep for Kera's party. How did she get to be six years old by the way? She's suppose to be my baby!! Its a beautiful sunny day and she wanted to play outside in the water with her friends, so I'm super grateful God granted that request! Off to party, hope to post pictures later!

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