Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello? Spring, where are you?

Spring in Montana is a fickle thing. As I type this there is snow blowing sideways out my window and the mountains that surround my little town are what we call, "socked in". It's good, I'm not complaining about the moisture, we need it after a fairly dry winter. It's just kind of hard to stomach in the middle of April, especially when so many people have already seen temperatures above seventy degrees. We have too, but it is gone and now we have this wintery stuff. At least the actual temperature isn't freezing, even if it is quite brisk!

Days like these make me really grateful for my husband's green thumb. Not that I have a black thumb, I was able to keep plants alive back when I was single, its just he does such a better job at it than I do, so he gets to be the one who waters the plants each week, diligently adding plant food at just the right times. His attentiveness to our houseplants produces sights like this:

Our hibiscus is going to town right now, blooming right and left, and I love it. It makes me think of Mexico, on all of our trips down there we've seen hibiscus bushes everywhere kind of how juniper bushes are everywhere here. It also gives me hope that, despite the weather I see right now, spring really is right around the corner.

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