Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chip off the ol' block

This has been the common sight around here lately. Lindsay, in her room absorbed in a book. So absorbed that its hard to get her attention sometimes. In stead of watching cartoons or movies or even playing outisde, she'll read for hours and hours. She reads super fast, too. It seems like she'll barely start a book and then its on the counter, ready for me to write down on her list. (Her grade is doing a reading thing with the local baseball team to encourage reading. She's determined to earn enough free tickets so that the whole family can go to a game for free this summer.)

She'll read books she's already read or new ones, it doesn't matter. The subject matter varies too. Powerder Puff Girls. Magic Treehouse. Rainbow Fairies. Captian Underpants. Series of Unfortunate Events. She's even got my original Little House on the Prairie series books and the complete Chronicles of Narnia series in her pile of books to read.

Speaking of her pile, check it out:
Her little reading nook. Pillows to sit on and plenty of stuff to read in that huge pile on the left.

It warms my heart to see her falling in love with reading. She'll stop every once in a while and tell me what is happening in her book, and even though I may not know the whole story line, its nice to see her getting excited about what she's reading.

It's kind of funny, she's a lot like her mom when it comes to reading. I was just like her as a kid and actually now, too. I have a pretty hefty pile of "to be read" books by my bed that I continue to add to. The funny thing is that she will hurry through her classwork at school so she can read, sometimes to the poor quality of her classword or the lack of paying attention to her teacher, and unfortunately I did that too. She really is a chip off the ol' block when it comes to books and reading. :-)

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