Thursday, March 25, 2010

Biting the bullett

I haven't posted anything since last Thursday, and although I have exactly zero inspiration to post something of interest to anyone but myself, I am leaning on the ever so handy-dandy bullet points to get something down, at least.

  • I have a headache today, just like the one I had yesterday. It starts right about lunch time and no caffeine/water/ibuprofen will take it away. It just kind of hangs out the rest of the night and is gone in the morning. It's highly annoying.
  • I have no motivation lately. It's taken me all week to make myself sit down and pay bills. I finally did that today, but now I have to finish vacuuming the house and dust, and that I will probably only do today because of the ticks.
  • I hate ticks. Spring (and, actually fall, too) hiking would be ever so delightful if it wasn't for the darn little things. I have a thing with bugs anyways, but ticks are especially worse--not just the whole disease thing but the fact that they latch onto you and suck your blood is just disgusting to me. I have found a total of 4 of them in my house. Actually, I found two and my hubby found two. One was on the floor in the living room, two were on various walls in our bedroom near our laundry basket and the last one was on my neck while I sat at the kitchen table. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I haven't been hiking and they haven't all shown up at the same time, its been over the past week, so I honestly don't know where they are coming from. Maybe hubby's dirt bikign clothes? Maybe the girls playing outside clothes? WHo knows. I certianly don't have a dog to bring them in. (Note to self: Ticks are a very valid reason to never have a dog). We live by a big open field full of weeds and grasses and the deer frequent my yard, so I know they are out there, it just grosses me out to have them inside my house. So, I will be vaccuming the carpet, using the crevice tool with abandon, for several hours today. Then I will wash all the dirty laundry. Hopefully that helps.
  • Spring break is next week, I can't believe it. Easter is also next week, can't believe that either. I bought the girls' Easter basket stuff today, besides a few pieces of candy they will be getting a checkers game and a travel Sorry game. They'll probably love them. I usually try to do something other than just candy for Easter, but still have to have just a little. I almost opened the snicker's eggs today once I got them home, it took a lot of willpower to just put them away.
  • The bus drops off the girls in exactly 21 minutes and I have some paperwork to file, so I guess that's it. I did have a fun, fun scrapbooking day this past Saturday that I hope to get the pictures of posted, maybe this evening....we'll see.

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