Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Blog

It's not that I've been terribly busy, (I'd estimate I've only been "somewhat" busy) its just that I haven't exactly felt inspired enough to bore share anything with you. I've been doing all the things I typically do, as a mom and all that, but I just haven't felt inspired and so I haven't been here.

I still don't have much inspiration, but I felt like I should probably come around here and say something, at least.


I've been reading....finished "Sweet Shattered Dreams" by Gordon Stanley West, another five star read in my opinion, the kind you stay up til midnight or so just to finish it. Excellent, excellent book. Go read it.

I've been running and working out. Started training for Bloomsday (a big run in Spokane in May) and have had the pleasure of an addition to our typical Sunday morning running group, which has been fun. Am only up to four miles for long run but the race itself is only 7 miles so the distance doesn't scare me. It's the hill that scares me so in a month I'll start some hill training once a week, that is if I make it. Why would I not make it, you ask? I'm challenging myself with a diet/exercise plan for 30 days based on a book by Jillian Michaels (you know her, from the Biggest Loser, more about that later) called "Making the Cut". The diet part isn't much different than I've already been eating (down 5lbs since Jan 1 already, woot!) but the workout is like five days a week of weight/circut training. I'm only on day two and I already feel muscles I'm not sure were there before.

Tangent: If anyone out there watches or has watched the Biggest Loser, you know that its not only a weight loss challenge but a "game". Well, I must confess I don't like watching the "game" portion of it. Why can't they all be there to lose weight and not be so tricky and conniving? I haven't watched every single season, but on the few I've actually watched completely, there has always been at least one person/couple that I simply don't like very much. Well, I don't know them but I don't like how they behave and act, lets put it that way. And watching it last week I had to wonder if the trainers (Jillian and Bob) ever have contestants that they simply don't like as well. What do you think?

I've been focusing a little more on my "job" as well. You know the "job" where I'm the mom, wife, chef, etc? I decided that I hadn't been using my time very wisely, there's no telling when this gig will be up and I'll have to go get a real job work elsewhere. I don't want to take this for granted, so I'm trying to be more appreciative of it by being more productive. If my "job" is to be a mom and wife then I want to do my best, by putting that stuff first before my fun things (like blogging, scrapbooking and facebook). And then on that same train of thought I also decided I needed to make more time for others, too. Because at the end of the road called life and I look back, I want to see more than a clean house and well-tended family. Although the happiness and well-being of my family is important, I don't believe its all there is to life. So I'm trying to make more time for others, too. Its kind of a tough balance I'm finding out, but it'll be worth it.

So, I haven't been blogging (or writing) but my house is clean, my kids are clean, my family is well fed, my muscles are sore and my calendar is filling in delightfully with the correct focus, so its all good. :-) Well, actually the bathrooms aren't clean but I'm going to go change that right now.

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  1. Dear Kendra,

    The same to you, except with comments. ;)

    Glad to see that you're still running and that everything is going well.


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