Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vallarta, part 2

I have quite a few pictures to share so I decided to split them up a bit.

We took an excursion with a company called Vallarta Adventures one day to go out to this national park/island where Erik and Lindsay snorkeled. Its whale season down there, so all the way there and back we saw humpback whales and a few dolphins swimming around us. It was by far one of the coolest things I've ever seen or done.

Before we left, we saw these baby dolphins and their momma's in a tank. They do dolphin experiences as VA, but we didn't want to pay for that, so this worked just fine for the girls. The baby dolphins were totally cute.

Kera proudly wearing her new mexico dress. The guys working the boat thought she was so cute and kept poking her cheeks when they walked by, it was pretty funny.

Lindsay, ready to go snorkel. Can you see how smooshed up her eyes look? lol

Lindsay snorkeling with no tube

Daddy helping her. It took her two tries, with a warm up in between, to really get the hang of it. Erik said that on the 2nd time out, she could see all these fish and her eyes would just get huge and she'd try to reach out and touch them.

Kera's footprints on a beach we went to on the Marrietas.

Lindsay, exploring

Lindsay's footprints

Kera exploring


Whales are tough to get on film. Here are the backs of three of them.

A whale tail and a bunch of people's heads.

Another back. My pictures do not do justice to how cool it actually was to see the whales. First you'd see them blowing out their blowhole, a spray of water up, then they'd surface and you'd see them moving up and out and then back down, catching glimpses of their backs and tails. They were literally all over the bay, they winter there to mate and have their babies. The boat put down a microphone thing at one point and we could hear them making their noises. It was so cool.

The dolphin we saw swim up to the boat and away was even faster and I didn't get a picture of it, but that was cool too.

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  1. looks like everyone had so much fun - what a great experience!!

    p.s. love the new blog design - hehehe Great minds must think alike. (Though, I still need to redesign a new header for mine - the old one doesn't match anymore).



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