Friday, January 8, 2010

On the Beach in Banderas Bay

a poem, written on my first trip to Vallarta, Mexico in March 2004. Since we're going back there, I figured it would be appropriate. We leave tomorrow and I can't wait to leave this horrible freezing weather.

On the Beach in Banderas Bay

Hot sand squeezes between
my toes, polished bright pink,
as sweat trickles
slowly down the small
of my back.

I stand, watching watery blue
meet sky at the horizon--
a straight line even as the wind
comes up, creating rolling waves
and cooling sun burnt skin
that I'll later smear with saving aloe.

I push my imitation Oakley's--
only 100 pesos--
further up my nose
and wade into deceptively
warm water--
engulfing myself into
the essence of
'relaxing vacation'
as time slides by unmarked.

Are there even hands on the
clocks in Mexico?

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