Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ice Fishing

This past week we headed up north to Erik's parents house to spend a couple days with them. While we were there, Erik's dad, Erik, Lindsay and I ventured out for a day of ice fishing. We went to this little resevoir on the way to Hot Springs, Lone Pine, where the pike fishing is suppose to be killer. I hadn't been ice fishing with Erik since way back when we were dating. You know, when you're still falling head over heels in love and it messes with your head in such a way that you'll do things that you wouldn't normally do? I knowningly agreed to go sit out on a bucket on a frozen lake with a fishing pole in the middle of winter, and all I remember from that trip is that I got cold. Really, really cold and I swore that I'd never do it again. Ice fishing, that is. Until this week, when I agreed to go, again.

The only difference between then and now is that Erik now has an ice house, and has swore to me that it makes all the difference. So, I finally agreed to try it out, ice fishing with the ice house. And I must admit, it did make all the difference. It wasn't super freezing cold, just cold out on the day we went, thankfully the wind wasn't blowing. The ice house is like a small black tent that has holes in the bottom for the ice holes. You sit on a bucket or fold up chair, in the dark tent and then you can turn on one of those wonderful little propane heaters, and its almost like you're sitting at home in front of the fire. I guess when you are on a lake that has clear water, you can see practically to the bottom when sitting in the blackened ice house, but Lone Pine was pretty murky and I didn't see much of anything. In fact, I was the only one to catch anything and all I got was one small pike. I don't particularly enjoy boring fishing. Boring fishing being the kind when you don't actually catch anything, just try to. But despite the fishing being boring, sitting in the ice house wasn't too bad. I think that I might even try it again, it was that pleasant. 

Lindsay playing around on the ice. She would've been loving it with ice skates, possibly.
Erik sitting in the ice house. There are little windows that are covered by flaps that you can tie up to let light in, you can see one behind him.

Lindsay still lounging on the ice.

The blessed propane heater. That puppy cranked out some heat!!

My productive ice hole.

My little pike. And yes, I do have a valid fishing license.

Me and Lindz at the end of the fishing adventure. She was bored and I was ready to head home. Like my new hat?

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