Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm all about random these days

1. One of the things I really love about this time of year: Egg Nog Lattes. I dont care how many calories they have and how utterly unhealthy they are for me, I love them regardless. Cut with skim milk and hold the nutmeg, please!

2. I am 32,000 words into my NaNo novel. And I still like it, in fact I think I may actually finish this one, as in edit and all that jazz after the inital blitz of writing.

3. I bought the girls' stocking stuffers today. No, I don't usually get started this early, but a neighbor mentioned Target's $1 aisle and I wanted to take advantage of that before it gets picked over. I'm pleased and think the girls will be tickled pink by what I got for them. I mean, what I got for Santa for them.

4. I have been thinking about writing, in general lately, but more specifically the selfishness of it. See, I pretty much stopped writing while back. Mostly it was because I didn't have the free time. Being married with kids automatically depletes the free time normally enjoyed by one who is single. But I think I could've continued to write, I mean, I'm still married and I still have kids and I'm writing now. Oh yeah there's the whole job thing, I was still working outside of the home back then, somethign I'm not doing now. But I still think I could've done it, it would have been possible. But then I think about how selfish it would've/could've been. I mean, I am doing NaNo right now so I've chosen to write some days over taskes like cleaning, laundry, etc, and my house is definitely slightly neglected. And so I wonder if choosing to write (something I want to do)over doing those things that I need to do is selfish? I think for a while I thought it was, and so I put it last on the list and I just never got to the bottom of the list. I dont think I view it that way now, at least not entirely. I think that as long as I'm doing the following things, writing isn't selfish:
1. not completely ignoring all my other responsibilities
2. Still spending fun time with my family
3. thinking about/attempting to make $ with my writing
4. sharing my writing in such a way that it benefits someone other than myself.

So, if I spent all day  only writing, never made a penny or let anyone else see it, would that make writing selfish? What do you think?

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