Friday, November 20, 2009


As I was trying to fall asleep last night at almost 3 a.m., I found my mind way too occupied with rational thought. I had just gotten home from the midnight showing of New Moon, which I must say was oh so worth staying up super late to see. It was, without a doubt, better in all ways than the Twilight movie. Now, its still not the book, which in my opinion is always better than the movie, but it was really good. The director did a great job and the special effects are good this time, not cheesy/corny like the scenes in Twilight when Edward throws Bella on his back and climbs up the trees. The wolves looked amazing and the action sequences were cool. I also liked how Billy Burke had more of a speaking part in this one, he's just a cool actor, its nice to hear him talk more. And I can't exactly complain about good ol' Jacob Black, his acting was great and boy he sure put in some work at the gym to pull off his transformation. Anyhow, it was good. I'm going to purchase it and watch it while I work out, over and over. And I'd like to get my hands on the soundtrack too, the music was cool and different in this movie.

Okay so despite having been completely entertained, my mind actually was not working overtime on rehashing all the movie scenes, no it was actually thinking about writing. And this is usually where I end up when I've done anything associated with the Twilight Saga--I think about the author, Stephenie Meyer, and about how she was a stay at home mom with an English degree at one time too. She's so much more than that now, but at one time she was exactly where I am right now. So, whats the difference between her and I? I mean, besides a killer creative story idea and great characters? The fact that she took her idea and put it to paper. She wrote. And so, I was thinking last night about all the ways I could make writing a more daily activity in my life. Thanks to doing NaNoWriMo, I know that I can fit it into my day if I try. And also partially thanks to NaNo, I have ideas swirling around in my head and ambition/motivation to do something with them. So I resolved last night that I wanted to not only be a stay-at-home mom, but I also wanted to be a writer, too. I decided that I'd prioritize my day as such: 1. God/quiet time; 2. workout; 3. write of course besides the usual getting the girls to school priority, that is obviously pretty important. So I'm going to gather all my writing resources that I've bought along the way that are just collecting dust in various parts of the house and make myself a little writing basket so that I can have easy access to them each day and can vary my location throughout my house or, shocking I know, maybe even a coffee place. And I am going to write, a little every day and I am going to actively seek out publishing opportunities. I am going to take advantage of this opportunity now, because who knows how long it will last, I may have to go back to work tomorrow or the next day.

So, stay tuned for more blogging, what a great medium for bouncing around ideas or even writing something other than what I did today.

On a side note, I read this book a while back and wanted to share it with you. Although it touches on a situation that would be so horrible for a mother or father, it was really well written. I think it may be her first novel. But it was an interesting read and I highly recommend it. :-)

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  1. I read the Weight of Silence awhile back and thought it was really well written also, although the subject matter didn't leave me wanting to read it again. But it was good and thought provoking.


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