Thursday, October 15, 2009

what I did today

The girls are out of school today and tomorrow and I was determined that today would be a no-shower, pj's til noon, no cooking and nothing but layouts accomplished type of day. I just about met those expectations and let me tell you, it was a wonderful day! I've yet to figure out how to get a truly good picture of scrapbook pages, but I did my best. Here are a few things I did today...

I had a ton of pictures from a professional session my whole family had last year, so I decided that instead of four or five 2-page layouts in my regular scrapbook I'd make a mini-album. I have a few pictures that didn't fit in the mini and those will end up in the regular album. But here's the mini....I used one of those 6x6 accordion types that tie shut with a ribbon, they are my favorite!

I like how it turned out for the most part.

Now here are a few random layouts that I did today and a couple from the last time I scrapbooked. I am finally feeling like I'm making some progress at using up my stash---there will be no shopping until I use up some of what I have! (forgive the flash showing up on the plastic sleeve, I really hate taking out the page once I've shimmied it in there. Just pretend I did.)
I like how I used the little gems to look like splashes. :-)This is actually a 2 page spread, I just can't get it in here like that. Again, I'm relying on your imagination.
I loved this scalloped edge paper.You can't really see it, but I sewed buttons onto the middles of some of the flowers to emphasize the idea of accessorizing. I think it looks pretty cool in person.
Just a layout of some beautiful Montana skies. Sometimes I just crave simple, no nonsense layouts. I have no idea why its sideways, thats not how I took the picture, lol.

I think that my strength is actually multi-picture layouts. I usually take a lot of pictures of everything so its like I've figured out how to get them all on there. You give me one big picture to scrapbook and it takes me longer (usually) than multiple pictures. My favorite part about this layout are the felt embelishments. Again, pretent the pages are side by side.

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