Monday, October 19, 2009

The weekend

I don't know how I do it, but I managed to get sick, again. I'm quite talented at catching most of the bugs that run through my kids, my friends' kids and anyone else I know that is sick. It's ironic considering how much I do to try and be healthy. Sometimes it makes me think I should just eat whatever I want, quit working out, stop taking my vitamins and stop washing my hands (ew!) to see if I'm any healthier that way. So, as I type I am stuffed up and yet nose is runny at the same time--I've always wondered how that can even be. My ears hurt and I'm on the verge of a headache plust my body wants me to just sit and relax. Unfortunately my to-do list today is a bit longer than "do nothing". *sigh* I decided to put off all the work til after I do this. Priorities, you know.

Despite being sick, I am happy. The weather around here as veered back to being more fall-like instead of winter, which is good. Although its weird, because the temps dropped so fast it kind of shocked the trees--instead of the leaves turning colors and falling off the branches, they just died and now they are haning there, dead and grey but still attached to the trees. If they stay there it will get interesting come the first heavy snowfall. But for now, its truly fall and I'm enjoying it. The girls and I carved pumpkins on Friday night and now I have 3 cute pumpkins and a container of roasted pumpkin seeds to enjoy. I bought some cute little face pieces this year--kind of like the Mr. PotatoHead attachement, but for pumpkins and so we made one little one like that and carved two. I kind of like the face piece one, it was super easy and not messy at all. I think I still have pumpkin guts on some of  my walls and on the floor along with some seeds. Carving pumpkins is so messy! And yes, cleaning was on my to-do list for today.

So here are the pumpkins and some pictures of the process. The girls actually cleaned the guts out this year for the first time, they've always avoided that job in the past, I think it grossed them out. Although they did wear disposable gloves this year, I think that helped.

Cleaning out the uck.

Trying to take a picture w/ the lights inside in a dark room.

Close up. Kera's on the left, Lindsay's on the right.

The face piece one is in the middle. Isn't it cute?!

So this past weekend was a full one. Friday I got a surprise call from an old friend wanting to get together for lunch on Saturday so we could meet each other's families. We couldn't do lunch but invited them over for breakfast instead, thinking it would be easier with kiddos to eat at home (which it always is!). Saturday morning had me cooking up a huge pile of french toast and some bacon for our two families. (Actually I made way more than necessary, but that's okay cuz we ate the leftovers for breakfast today). It was so nice to see L after so many years--I think we'd figured it had been probably ten years--and meet his family and vice versa. It was so encouraging also that our kids got along and played really well together. It was a good time.

Saturday night Erik and I took the girls to the movie for a "family date". They both have reward charts for different behaviors we're working on and both had earned a movie night at the theater, so we decided to check out "Where The Wild Things Are." It was a good movie and a fun time as a family. Poor little Kera actually cried at the end--I think she's a bit like her momma when it comes to being emotional while watching movies.

Sunday was another breakfast get-together, this time at my folks and in honor of my birthday. :-) They'll be otu of town this coming weekiend when my real birthday lands and had to do something for me before they left, so Dad made his famous omelets for the whole family. They were delicious!! I also got some pull-aparts as a sort of cake which were yummy as well. It is always nice to get together with family. Mom and Dad gave me my first present, too -- a massage at the place of my choice! Yay!! I can't wait to redeem that gift! :-) I brought that mini-album to show everyone and turns out both Mom and Rosie want one, so looks like I'll be making a couple more, which is cool. That makes for easy Christmas gifts, hee hee.

The rest of Sunday was filled with working out, preparing my kids class craft and lesson and then church. By church I was feeling really run down and went ot bed right about the same time as the girls, so feeling sick this morning was kind of expected though not necessarily highly anticipated. I'm going to hunker down the rest of the day, drink some tea and work on some of my less strenuous to-do's. Here's to hoping I dont get sicker!

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