Monday, October 12, 2009


It's an hour since the girls got off the school bus and we're still in the kitchen working on snacks, homework and a whole lot of referring. It's my least favorite time of the day. Kera doesn't want to go play or watch tv by herself, yet she doesn't really have any homework, so she ends up hanging around the kitchen making noise and generally distracting her sister, who actually does have homework with which I am helping her, thus Kera is left un-entertained. Sometimes Kera has something to work on too, which is 100% mommy participation required, so then I'm juggling helping both of them. That's even more fun. At least Lindsay isn't whining or fighting the homework now (thank you reward chart!) but its still kind of a pain and this is only 2nd grade. I shudder to think of how harder it will get.

After homework is finally done the girls usually just want to veg out and either watch cartoons (good ol' PBS has them 24/7 since the digital switch, which is kind of nice) or play computer. When the school year first started I had this grand idea about how once the girls got home from school we'd have snack and talk about their days and then we'd all do something fun together. I figured since I was away from them all day that they'd want some mommy time when they got home. I must confess that their desire to only veg out and not play or do any activities with me is a welcome relief. They are so whiney, tired and otherwise not much fun to be around that the last thing I want to do is force them to interact. They've been interacting all day, the least I could do is let them relax for a bit, isn't it? Sometimes I feel kind of guilty about that.

Anyway, its been a somewhat rough adjustment for me, I only now feel like I'm falling into any sort of a routine, and even then its pretty rough and I'm easily swayed. Who wants to clean the bathrooms when I have a perfectly good (new!) James Patterson novel calling to me? So some days I feel really productive and other days I don't. I think I'd be feeling more motivated if the weather would cooperate. We've been flung headlong into winter already and I'm grieving the loss of my favorite season, fall.

All right, time to look over Lindsay's math homework and then start some dinner. It's homemade pizza tonight, yum!

On a side note, I'm rather unmotivated about this blog too and wonder if anyone is even reading it anymore? I need some encouragement to keep up with it folks...

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  1. I'm still reading it! I put you on my Google Reader feed, so that's why it probably looks like I don't actually come to the site anymore... I hope you keep up with it - it's a good way for me to keep up with what is going on with you guys!

    Maybe you could make some homework for Kera to do! What kinds of things is she working on in school right now? You could get some workbooks for her at the Learning Tree - maybe some things to help her practice writing her letters? Then she and Lindsay are both working on "homework", can both earn stickers and Lindsay doesn't think that Kera is just hanging out and doing fun stuff...


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