Monday, April 27, 2009


Well this past weekend was a big race here and me and one of my running buddies did the 5k portion. It's one of the faster race routes in town because its a flat and scenic route, but because its so popular and crowded I didn't expect to do super great. We talked about how nice it would be to hit 10 minute miles, and how wonderful it would be if someday (emphasis on someday) we could do a 5k in less than 30 minutes. Anyway, the race started slow, and crowded and about 1 mile into it we finally found our pace and settled in. We chatted back and forth the whole way and then once the finish line was in sight we decided to bump up the pace a bit. Then when we hit the 3 mile mark with only .1 mile left we bumped it up even more. Can you even imagine my delight and surprise to look up at the finish clock as we crossed the line and saw 29:26!? I was so stoked and Sonja was too. We felt great (although a bit winded) and were extremely excited to know we'd done it soo quickly despite the initial crowding. SO its not a ton under 30, but it equals about a 9.30 pace which is pretty darn good I'd say. I looked up our results and she finished like 12th in her age group and I'm right at 30 in mine, so we're both in the top (about)30% of our groups. Yay! :-)

Lindsay did the one mile run of the race and I ran it with her, which for her is a constant back and forth between sprinting and walking, but it was fun. She enjoys it so I'm hopeful she'll continue to enjoy it.

This upcoming weekend is the big race...Bloomsday. I think there are going to be like seven of us traveling over to Spokane on Saturday--three of us to run and the rest to cheer us on. It should be fun hanging out with the gals. I'm excited and a little apprehensive about the race itself. The distance is no big deal but combined with the hill makes me unsure of how it will be. Those of us running it are in agreement that we'll run the whole thing even if we have to slow down dramatically. My goal is to finish it in less than 1.5 hours, so we'll see.

I've read a couple books lately that I haven't had time to blog about, but the best one was a Nicholas Sparks, "The Choice". It was one of his better ones and I recommend it. Also saw the movies Slumdog Millionaire and House of D, both of which I thought were excellent as well. Oh we also watched Tale of Despereaux and Igor with the kiddos, both of which they liked and were cute.

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  1. Wow! Congrats to you! :) How awesome to do a 5K in under 30 mins. That'll be my goal, one day. hehe


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