Saturday, February 14, 2009

Talker Head

Kera and I hang out with my good friend Yvonne and her kids almost every week. This is a picture of Kera in Samantha's doctor dress up stuff. Kera loves to get out the stuff and check my heart, look in my ears, etc. Its quite cute.

Lindsay is staying with Erik's folks this weekend--they wanted to take her skiing and since there is no school Monday, it was a perfect weekend for her to get some Papa/Grandma time. Since Kera is the only kid running around the house I've noticed something. She talks. A lot. Now remember that her and I spend most afternoons together without Lindsay since she's at school all day, but for some reason its only been the past couple of days that I've really noticed Kera's talking and I kind of wonder if it'll change when Lindsay comes back and Kera has someone else to talk to. But for now, she talks practically nonstop to either Me or her Daddy, basically whichever one of us will listen. And its not like babbling, she's actually talking and making perfect sense, but she does it really without breaks. Its fascinating to me what she sees as important enough to tell us (I'm thinking its just about everything) and how excited she gets about some things. Its funny and cute and bordering on annoying. Last night Erik took me on a special date and so we drove Kera to the drop off childcare place across town and Kera literally talked the entire drive there. I even asked her a couple times to just be quiet for a moment because it was getting to the point I could barely think and both Erik and I were really tired and not really with it, and she'd stop for about 5 seconds before finding something else to tell us. We've been calling her our Talker Head. I am not a talker so its interesting where she could've picked it up at! All I know is that she needs her sister here so she can talk to her a little bit'it too!

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