Thursday, February 12, 2009

Made in China

A little background on this tidbit....Remember last year when there was all that stuff in the news about the lead paint on things made in Chin? Well at some point the girls ended up with some cheapo plastic toys made in China and when my sister saw Lindsay chewing/sucking on one of them, she sort of freaked out saying something about it being "cheap junk from China". She was kind of paranoid about the whole thing. Well its kind of turned out that anytime the girls have a toy that falls apart it kind of gets classified as "cheap junk from China."

Fast forward to Monday....Kera is arriving at Preschool and showing off her new Groovy Girl that she got on SUnday as a reward for filling up a "dry in the morning potty chart". I explained to her teacher why she had the doll and then Kera said, plain as day, "Yeah, I got another toy too, but it broke because its cheap junk from China." Her teacher just laughed and laughed. She was referring to the cheap plastic junky toy that the haircut place in the mall gives to the kiddos for kids cuts. I thought it was hilarious.

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  1. lol... sometimes that repeating what they hear can bite us in the butt, though! ;)


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