Monday, January 26, 2009

Vacation, i lost track of which days

Taken directly out of travel journal.

Another day spent at the beach! Erik loves snorkeling out front--it is really good, I guess. Better almost than any paid snorkeling excursion we've done, so it works out great! I enjoy the ocean view while reading, too. I had a horrible headache, though, so I ended up going back to our room early and taking a huge nap. I woke up feeling better, though, so I was grateful. We ate dinner at Frida's, a little place by the pool within the resort, and it was pretty good. I am enjoying the leisurely evenings spent in our room watching tv! I may go to Playa with Karen (E's mom) to finish shopping while the boys hang out at the resort, I'm not sure yet. I'm missing the girls a little more each day.

I had a horrible nightmare the night before last. In my dream I was screaming because some scary lady was trying to get me, but I wasn't making any sound in the dream so I kept trying to scream, until suddenly I was screaming in real life. It woke Erik up, I heard him say, "What was that?". And then I had a horrible time trying to get back to sleep, I think it was around 2 am. It was so weird! I'm glad I didn't wake up anyone else!

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