Monday, January 26, 2009

Vacation, the end

from my travel journal...

So yesterday I went to Playa with Karen. We shopped around and I found some little shells for the campus girls and then some yummy creme tequila. We ate lunch at a cute little place with green tablecloths and then busted it back to catch the shuttle at WalMart. It was pretty fun. Back at the resort, I went for a dip in the pool with Erik--it was pretty cool out but the pool was heated enough that it felt great. That is one thing about this trip that has been wonderful--the weather. Not too hot or too humid, its really been just right.

Today is our last day here, right now Erik and I are sitting at the beach reading and listening to the waves crash. Its too rough to swim, so he cant' snorkel, but its still gorgeous. We are going to try to milk this last day. But at the same time we are both ready to go home--which is a good sign, it means we love our life at home. I can't wait to see our girlies--I miss them!

**That last day on the beach I ended up finishing book number 4, I've Heard that Song Before by Mary Higgins Clark. It was a good beach read. We ate our last meal back at the TacoBreak place and it was good, again. We left the resort Saturday morning and took the shuttle back to the airport--had to pay $15/person but it was cheaper than a taxi. I was really impressed with the Cancun airport, although we had a heck of a line to check in with our airline, the security line went fast and the food offered near the gates was actually pretty good. We ate some burgers from Johnny Rockets or something like that and then got rid of some pesos in a gift shop getting some bracelets for the girls. We didn't have a ton of time to wait for our flight and so it worked out perfectly. The flight to Phoenix went well and then once we got there and through customs, we had about a four hour layover. That was totally fine with me, if you don't have a very long layover it can be stressful since you have to get your luggage and go through customs and then re-check your bags. E's folks ended up missing their connecting flight and got stuck in Denver that night, so I was happy with a four hour layover. We ate some dinner and then walked around a bit while waiting. The flight to Spokane went well too and we were in our hotel room by 10pm Spokane time, which was actually midnight Cancun time, so it was a long travel day! The beds at the Hilton were like sleeping on clouds so it was nice! The drive home on Sunday went well, the pass was mostly clear and the roads pretty good, which I was grateful for. It was so nice to finally be able to see my girls and give them big hugs!! Now its busy with all the unpacking and laundry and catch up on bills and such, but its good. Its kind of nice to be busy after all that relaxing!

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