Saturday, February 7, 2009

And, I'm back...

Wow, sorry bout that! I post all my travel journal recap and then I just disappear for almost two weeks...Oops! I'm thinking back on what I've done and although its true I've been busy, I haven't really been too busy to blog. I think the main problem is that I've been uninspired to blog. That, and I haven't taken any cool pictures, because let's face it, what's a blog entry without at least one cool picture? Admit it, you are disappointed to find that one of your favorite blogs has a new entry but that entry is just words and no pictures. I'll admit it. Oh sure, I'll read the picture-less entry, but for some reason I'm always excited to see a good picture too, it just makes the entry feel more, I don't know, complete maybe.

So I haven't taken any pictures lately, although I've thought about it.

Last weekend I had a scrapping day and made like 30 cards, some are really cute and I've thought about taking pictures of those and of the few layouts I've actually accomplished this year so far. (Out the window goes the goal to finish all 2008 pictures in January. My goal now is to just catch up sometime this year).

The other day the girls made a disastrous mess...Lindsay had for some reason colored the bottoms of her feet with red marker and then realized it wasn't a good idea, so she ran all the way upstairs, down the hall and to the bathroom to wash them off. She made a huge mess in the bathroom not to mention the pink footprints leading me to the scene of the crime. I got mad and made her clean up the footprints. But I should have taken pictures first!

I went to the dr. the other day and found out my cholesterol level has dropped by like 3o some points. I was ecstatic! All I did was change my diet (took out most carbs & red meat) and tried to make sure I was working out everyday. Even with the holidays bad food rut, it went down so I was pleased. I should've taken a picture of my results! Hah, hah or not. I may not have lost any weight lately, but cholesterol level coming closer to healthy levels is a good thing. I'm excited to keep up the diet and see if I can get it to where it belongs.

Erik and I are helping out with the campus ministry at church now, which has kept us busy but has been fun too. There is just something refreshing about spending time with excited young people. I'm looking forward to seeing what God has planned this semester.

I'm training, officially, for the Bloomsday run in Spokane in May. We've even reserved our hotel room already, so its a for sure thing. I'm going to run it with my half-marathon running buddy Coleen and my other running buddy Sonja and I'm so excited. Its going to be a ton of fun. The weather hasn't been too good the past month or two so we haven't done any long runs together since like November, I think, but tomorrow we're doing one, five miles, and I'm really looking forward to it. In thinking about training for the half-marathon again, which I plan on doing, I started to think about how many miles might be on my shoes. I have this cool fitness journal I use online that will track the miles on shoes, so I looked it up and I was surprised to see I'm almost to 500 miles on my "new" pair!! They are almost a year old because I bought them around this time last year, but I was amazed to find that I've run that many miles in a year! Its crazy but really inspiring too. Its also exciting to know I'm due for another pair of new shoes! ;-) I should take a picture of my well worn shoes and make a scrapbook layout all about them and running.

I fully intend to change this inconsistent posting, too by the way. I'm going to try to post something daily and take more pictures, I promise!

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  1. bravo on training for the run!! and doing it with friends makes it so much more fun and probably easier too. Good luck!


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