Monday, January 26, 2009

Vacation, day cinqo

I didn't journal on the fourth day! Again, taken from my handwritten vacation journal.
Yesterday was Erik's 40th Birthday and it dawned beautiful. We headed out kind of late, haling a taxi and making it to the Cozumel water ferry just moments after the 11am one had left. So we bought our tickets and had two hours to wait before the 1p ferry. We mosied around a couple of shops but then decided to get some food. Senor Frogs was right there, so after almost 8 years of "regular" Mexico trips, we went to our first (and last) Senor Frogs. The food was marginal, the servers loud and the atmosphere immature and obnoxious.
See the little buildings out there? Thats Cozumel, you can see it from Playa. This was our view while waiting for the water ferry.

I found a pretty little Mexican dress for Kera after that and before we boarded the ferry. Its a quick trip over--maybe half an hour--and during the trip people representing different car/scooter rental companies go around trying to drum up business. We had talked about getting scooters and so we were sold. So about 45 minutes and only $36 later, we were scooting down the road following E's folks. Cozumel is a big island and the scooters don't go very fast (like max 60 km/hr), so we made it to a ruin, San Gervasio, and then on to the beach on the east side of the island, before we had to turn around and go back to catch the 6p ferry back to Playa.

Erik by one of the buildings at San Gervasio.

Me and Erik at the ruins of San Gervasio. I feel bad that I forgot to take pictures the rest of the time, so this, unfortunately, is it!

San Gervasio was pretty cool, but nothing like Chichen Itza. Erik and I kind of share the same sentiment, which is "if you've seen one ruin, you've seen them all". :-) He was kind of disappointed that we didn't' make it further down the east coast, he'd really wanted to make it all around the island liek we did one time at Isla Mujeres. But we would've had to start much earlier since Cozumel is so much bigger. The beach we did make it to, Mezcalitos, was awesome though. It was like a rocky boneyard--there were white washed seashells and coral everywhere, it was really cool.
A close up of what the beach looked like. It was just all seashells and white rocks like this, pretty cool.
Erik exploring the beach at Mezcalito with his cool scooter helmet on. Mine was pink, I loved it!

We made it back to Cozumel and did a little shopping before getting on the ferry. Erik bought me a beautiful tanzanite bracelet! I love it! Back at Playa, we wandered around looking for a good place to eat dinner and ended up at a busy placed named "Karen's". And it was THE BEST food I had the whole vacation. The skirt steak tacos I had just melted in my mouth, the drinks reasonably priced and the guacamole was wonderful. It was a great time too, lots of laughs with E's folks. After dinner we shopped a bit more while E enjoyed a birthday cigar. All in all, it was a great day. Erik at the restaurant "Karen's".

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