Monday, January 26, 2009

Vacation, day Tres

(taken from my journal kept in Mexico)

Just got back from dinner at Havana Moon--we had a great table outside overlooking the sunset on the beach--and the food was very good, including dessert. We had a leisurely day today--all we did was sit on the beach!! Erik and I swam a bit in the pool and we walked back to the room for lunch, but otherwise I just sat in the (mostly) shade and read! I finished Ninety Minutes in Heaven which Katie had loaned me. It was really inspiring and uplifting book that I'd recommend to everyone--especially anyone who's lost a loved one or is going through a difficult time. I also started reading through my NaNo and will work further on it hopefully.

We are talking about heading to Cozumel tomorrow, hoping for fun shopping, cool pics and great memories.

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