Monday, January 26, 2009

Vacation, Day Dos

Erik and I took a walk on the beach our first morning there and were disappointed to see it wasn't very good. The waters were beautiful blue, but the beach itself was rough and rocky, so wasn't very good for walking very far. Erik even fell down and in at one point, although he didn't' hurt anything but his pride. One good thing about a rocky beach is that the beach chair area was almost dead and very quiet, so it was a perfect spot to sit and reflect.

After that we headed down to Playa del Carmen with E's folks on the shuttle that the Mayan offers into town. It is kind of sad, but it drops off and picks up at the Wal Mart there, but it was only 35 pesos each person so it was cheaper than a taxi. From the Wal Mart it was only a couple block walk down to the shopping/restaurant/tourist area along 5th and 10th avenue and then the beach. The town was pretty quiet--it was Sunday and the cruise ships aren't docked in Cozumel on Sundays, so it was a perfect day to explore. I found some vanilla and coffee but not too much else. After a few hours and a wonderful lunch we made our way back to Wal Mart for groceries and then back to our resort. We tried to sit by the pool after that, but we didn't' last too long since it was pretty cool out by that point. I did have enough time to finish book #2, though. (House by Frank Peretti). So we headed back for a leisurely dinner and night in our Condo. One thing that has changed since the first time we wen to Mexico is that they offer more tv channels in English now, so we actually had some decent tv to watch, like Fox new, CNN and even HBO and some other movie channels. It was great.

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