Monday, December 15, 2008

The Stupidest Gingerbread House Ever aka No Gumdrops!

I bought a gingerbread house kit at a local grocery store this year on a whim. I've bought them from Costco several years before and they worked out great, I just figured I'd save myself the trip out to that end of town. It was a stupid move.

What should've taken me an hour max, took me almost 2 days, and that was just to get the stupid walls stuck together and the roof mounted. The frosting that came with the kit was not very sticky and not very well mixed so the walls just kept falling in, even after I let it sit for 3o minutes before trying to put the roof on. After some mumbling and rolled eyes and hesitant attempts to help by Erik (He wisely decided to leave me to myself on this project) I finally took an old milk carton and cut the top off to give the stupid house some support. That was yesterday. I was so frustrated, I felt like throwing the whole thing out several times, but I persevered. I let it sit until last night after Erik's company Christmas dinner (Finn & Porter=YUM!) and then I put the roof on. It kept falling off so I had to finagle some plastic cups on either side to hold it up overnight while the frosting dried.
Finally this afternoon it stood in one piece and ready for candy. There wasnt' much for candy that came in the kit, three different kinds and NO GUMDROPS! How can they produce a gingerbread house kit without gumdrops or candycanes, even? It was ridiculous. Well, I ran out of frosting so I had to use some leftover confetti cake frosting and the house is only half decorated although we used all the candy. Oh yeah and the candy keeps falling off, we'll see if it sticks til tomorrow...who knows, we might be eating that candy sooner rather than later.
Kera had fun decorating it, so I guess it wasn't a total bust. Lesson learned, though, beware of the cheap gingerbread kit!


  1. You need to make a batch of royal icing...

    You could halve the recipe since you're just putting candy on. Since they aren't eating the icing, it won't matter if you're using egg whites.


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