Monday, December 15, 2008

Sitting By the Fire with the Laptop

It's cold outside! Winter has finally arrived here in Western Montana and it had a grand entrance....a little snow and a whole lot of negative digits for lows and barely positive digits for highs. It's probably about time, but the drastic change is a bit of a difficult adjustment. I find myself wanting to drink more coffee than normal and eat lots of the Christmas goodies we have around the house. Our little fireplaces have definitely been earning their keep the past couple of days, too!
I am so excited to be officially done with my shopping and I only have one last thing to wrap, and its a good thing cuz I hate driving in these kind of road conditions and this week is one Christmas program or party after another, so it appears I'd be too busy to shop anyways. Today was Lindsay's Christmas Program, which was good in that the kids did a great job of singing, but disappointing that they put the 1st and 2nd graders all together for it, made for a long program and a crowded gym and crazy traffic. I hope this isn't a trend they continue next year! Tomorrow is Lindsay's actual Christmas program and then Wednesday is a gingerbread house making event with their 7th grade buddies, then Thursday is Kera's Christmas party at school where the kids decorate a birthday cake for Baby Jesus, which I think is really cute. Woof, sorry that sentence was super long. Heh, grammer isn't my strength!
Lindsay got a little digital camera from Erik's parents for Christmas (they opened them early since Grandma & Papa will be in Nevada for Christmas) and she proceeded to immediately fill up the memory on the thing. She's still figuring out that she has to hold it really steady to get a good picture (its not the best picture, but the camera is sturdy enough for a kid, so its all good) so these are kind of blurry, but I thought it was cute to see what she was going around taking pictures of!
Herself in the mirror...

The drain

Her toothbrush
Her feet

Her momma running on the treadmill (we hooked up our old dvd player to the big tv which we moved into the workout area and it saved my life on sunday when i could run my 4 miles inside while watching the first half of a chick flick from netflix. I see this becoming my winter routine til the roads & temps return to safe & reasonable)
Her Papa's head

Her sisters bebo. (If you've ever read Sandra Boynton children's books, you would recognize that from the Belly Button Book. See, its cold wintertime and bebo's should be hiding, but this one wasn't!)
Her new neopet toy bought with the christmas money from grandma & papa.

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  1. For my favorite, it's a toss-up between the fuzzy one of you running and the fuzzy one of Erik's bald head! ;-)


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