Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Some things just aren't getting any attention from me lately, mainly because any of my free time (free time has a loose definition when you're a stay-at-home-mom) has been spent working on my NaNo novel. I keep thinking to myself all the things I need to catch up on once November is over.

Things like...

1.Cleaning. I've cleaned--kind of, but my bath tub is disgusting and needs a new shower curtain, my scrapbook/kids craft area looks like a bomb went off and the guestroom bed is naked.

2.Scrapbooking. I think I have a plan for this though, I am going to declare the month of January to be "Catch up on Scrapbooking" month. So this month I'm writing, January will be scrapbooking. I am pretty sure I could finish my 2008 pics in a month and then I'd be ready for 2009. That's my plan anyways.

3. Reading. I miss reading. I did read one book, an easy (& scary) one by James Patterson just cuz I needed something "brainless" a couple of nights, but otherwise I'm the author I am spending the most time with. My "to be read" pile next to my bed is getting dangerously high.

4. Blog. This one is obvious.

5. Watch TV. I've watched a little, but only when I've hit the goal I have for that week/day, so it hasn't been much.

6. Watch Movies. We have 3 movies from Netflix that have been here for a good 2 weeks and they'll probably have to wait another 2 before we watch them.

7. Christmas Gift Shopping. If I think about this one too much, it scares me.

8. Fun things on the weekends. I have spent a large majority of the past two weekends in my pj's or sweats sitting at the computer. I'm looking forward to feeling like I have enough free time to go do something fun with the family.

I'm over halfway there, though. I've got about 31k words with 19k left to go, so I'm in the homestretch. I think I'll make it, I have enough material in my head clamoring to get out, now its just a matter of time! :-)

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