Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm lost.

Sorry I've been kind of MIA, it seems I've become lost. I'm neck deep in about 20,000 words and need to get in at least 5,000 more this weekend in order to stay on track. Its been a busy month so far and I have missed a day here and a day there and then it added up. I started strong and even with more words than Hattie, who is also doing NaNo, (who has actually written a novel before), so I felt kind of good about having more words than her. But she has since left me in the dust of her pages filling quickly with words.

I've thought about quitting. I've wondered if anyone has ever written such a poorly piece of writing. I've wondered if I'll actually have a complete story when I'm done. I've wished I had picked a different idea. I've sighed in discouragement.

But, I've kept writing. I'm not quitting and I'm not changing ideas midstream (at this point it would be the end if I tried). So I'm hopeful I will finish, and in the meantime I will probably not have any cool blog entries for you. Who knows, maybe I'll have a whole novel (a very rough draft of one) for some brave reader when the month is out.


  1. At least you're accomplishing something!

  2. Don't you dare quit! You don't write crap! You are a great writer! The only reason I'm ahead is cuz I don't have to take care of three extra people! ;-) I love tons, my favorite writer ever!


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