Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank you!!

As of 11:52 this morning, I am officially done with my NaNo. :-) YAY! Yippee! I've officially hit 50,000 words (50,436 to be exact) and can say I've written my first novel! :-) Now, I can't say its a finished novel because its not--its actually very rough and in need of some very major TLC, but there is a start, a very healthy start. And I am very happy. :-)

Now I can focus on getting my family ready for our Thanksgiving trip east. We'll be driving to Billings tomorrow where we'll stay at a hotel with some water (maybe the wingate where they have water slides) for the girls to splash and play. I'm also planning on seeing my dear friend (I won't say old, cuz we aren't old yet Jami) from 3rd grade while I'm in Billings. I am excited, I think its been like 10 years and we've gotten married and had kids in that time so there is a lot to catch up on! Besides, its also exciting when friend's kids get to meet and play together, kind of like the circle of friendship is continuing.

From there we'll head further east on Wednesday, practically to North Dakota to end in a little ol' town called Sidney. My grandma and most of my family from my Mom's side lives there and the ones that don't live there will all be there (I think with the exception of 3) for Thanksgiving. It'll be great to see all my relatives, although it will surely be crazy. I think there will be something like 42 people or more at Thanksgiving dinner. :-) Should be interesting!!

While we're there Erik and my Dad will hunt--the white tail out there are delicious and pretty much just hanging around, waiting to be hunted--so I'm looking forward to bringing some meat home. All in all, should be a fun trip, and when I get home from it I will finally have time to catch up on everything I've let slide while writing my novel. Looks like I'll be busy for months yet! ha ha ha

Anyway, hope you all have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!!


  1. Woo-hoo! The poet wrote a novel! Kick-butt!

  2. Never! ;-) It could never be a crutch -- you're too good at it! ;-)


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