Friday, October 17, 2008


My sister rocks, plain & simple. In the midst of my cleaning frenzy this morning I checked my email to find a virtual gift certificate from her for B&N online for my b-day. :-) I was stoked, so of course I had to spend it right then and there. Imagine my surprise to find the 3rd installment of one of my favorite young adult series, Inkdeath. Yay. I think it should be here in like 3 days, so I might actually have to take a break from my "break from reading" in order to read it! So, thanks Rosie, you are awesome!!

Speaking of ink, I've been doing some writing of my own, which explains the "break from reading". The time I'd normally use to read I've actually been spending weaving my own story and its been pretty rewarding and surprising how I've really wanted/needed to write. Last night I was dealing with the difficulty of falling asleep that I normally have when Erik is gone (He's off to Rexburg to play in the sand w/ his atvs) and so instead of playing tetris or reading, I sat down at the computer and wrote for hours. I had to force myself to go to bed at almost 1am, which is really weird for me. I'm so not a night owl! So, I'm excited to get the story down on paper and fine tune it.
Lindz is off school today so she and Kera are busy playing while I clean and the later we have several errands to do. Should be interesting with two kids in tow, especially two kids who I think are kind of tired. I managed to sleep in til about 8:30, but they were up already and had probably been up for hours even after going to bed a bit later than normal for themselves. Kera keeps telling me she wants "to take a nappy" which is abnormal for could have my hands full.
Here is what I just discovered Kera had done while watching a movie...Seems she's got her own interest in ink going on.

And finally, last but not least, I got my hair done the other day and another new place. I'm determined to find a hairdresser that I like! This gal was super sweet and the right amount of talkative, and I'm really, really liking what she recommended and did to my hair. Check it out...I have more bangs!! And its darker!!


  1. Jealous! I want Inkdeath! I guess I'll have to take a trip to B&N next time I get paid. ;-) And cute hair! I like Kera's "tats," too. Hee, hee!

  2. So, where did you get your hair done this time?

  3. Wow! Your hair looks great! I love the new color and the bangs look teh-sex0rz!

  4. Thanks! :-) Now if I could just figure out how she styled


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