Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So, tell me about yourself

I found this on a blog linked to via Melissa's blog, and besides loving her creative answers I thought it would be fun to do myself. Sometimes I think this blog is rather photo heavy, so maybe its time for some actual writing, if listing one hundred and one things about myself can be considered writing.

Write 101 personal things about yourself.

1. When I got married my favorite color was blue, so my kitchen is full of blue things. Now I almost like pink better.

2. I have always liked kids, even when I went through my "I'm not having any kids ever" phase in college.

3. I have monkey toes and can pick up things off the floor with them.

4. I had braces as a kid and had to deal with the whole shebang of rubber bands, headgear and retainers.

5. I have a tattoo of a bitterroot flower on the back of my shoulder that my brother bought me as a college graduation present.

6. I always forget which shoulder it is on.

7. I am scared of heights.

8. I cry easily when I'm angry or scared.

9. I love chocolate.

10. I was a huge New Kids on the Block fan back in the day and am somewhat curious to hear their new stuff.

11. I was also a huge fan of Micheal Jackson--I even had a doll with the sparkly glove.

12. Now my music tastes are way more diverse.

13. I love to enjoy my morning latte or tea while reading my email and catching up on my blog reading.

14. If I could spend all day in my pajamas, I would.

15. I am not a night owl but will stay up til all hours of the night if I'm reading a really good book.

16. I have a love/hate relationship with coffee. I love the taste, especially of a latte or mocha, but I hate the way my body responds to just the smallest tweak of too much or not enough caffeine.

17. I hate packing.

18. I always over pack, afraid I won't have enough clothes to choose from while I'm away.

19. I almost always forget something, like sunglasses almost every trip to Mexico and pull-ups for Kera twice now.

20. There is usually some task around my house that is more pressing then blogging when I work on a blog entry.

21. I took French in high school & college and wanted to be fluent. Now I only know my numbers and a few words.

22. I use to play the flute.

23. I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano.

24. We've never owned a piano.

25. I have learned how to cook on the grill this summer.

26. I have to put this entry on hold til after I pack, or even til after I return from Canada. I'll give ya almost a quarter of it for now.

Friday Morning, 11 am.

27. I should be on the road just about to Spokane by now, but instead I'm sitting at my dining room table still in my sweaty workout clothes.

28. My mom got sick this morning with some vertigo type symptoms so we're not leaving til tomorrow. I'm praying that she's okay and we can actually leave tomorrow.

29. I really like all the books I've ready written by Jodi Picoult. Right now I'm reading Salem Falls.

30. I have a skin thing called keratosis pilaris, commonly referred to as "KP" (or not as sensitively referred to as "chicken skin"), on the backs of my arms. I have had it my whole life but only figured out what it was after Kera was born. The only affect it has on me is cosmetic (there is a small cost to count on wearing tank tops as most people think my skin is sun burnt...all the time) and financial as I buy more expensive creams & scrubs to care for it.

31. I hate flossing and only do it for about the month before any scheduled dental visits.

32. Both Erik & Lindsay love to floss.

33. I miss having acrylic nails.

34. I do at least one load of laundry most days.

35. I hate folding and putting clean laundry away.

36. I snore. My brother and sister nicknamed me "darth vader" when we were kids, right around the time my sister and I had to share a room.

37. I really enjoy running.

38. I hate weight lifting or doing any kind of strength training. I'd rather do yoga or Pilate's or run.

39. I don't watch any of the dancing reality shows on t.v., but I use to love to dance and as a kid/teen always had "dance contests" with my friends. I have no rhythm, but I thought I did.

40. Chocolate Chip Cookies are my favorite dessert---I cannot resist freshly baked ones.

41. I think White Chocolate is disgusting.

42. I read very fast, always have. I can finish a decent sized paperback in about 4 hours.

43. I go through a lot of books. I've tried at various times using different methods to keep track of all the books I read but I can never keep up. This leads to me sometimes picking up a new book that I get a couple pages into and realize I've actually already read it.

44. I wish I could get paid to read.

45. I use to write poetry. I haven't written a decent poem in a long time. Having kids has kind of zapped the creativity right out of me.

46. But I can scrapbook. I have a travel one, a family one and one for each kid. I am a simple scrapbooker, (rarely will you see a one page layout w/ just a big photo on it, its more like fit as much as I can onto a 2 page spread) but I enjoy it.

47. My latest obsession is dark chocolate covered espresso beans.

48. I love having a clean house, so the hours right after I'm doing cleaning are so fulfilling to me. I also have to watch my attitude towards the kids/hubby who inadvertently mess it up rather quickly.

49. There is a very minuscule part of me that thinks about having another kid.

50. I really like my sleep and having a diaper-less house, though.

Stay tuned for part 3!


  1. I like some of your answers too...although I'm not sure I could come up with 100 things right now, although I might surprise myself. BTW, I've really liked your music on your blog and last night realized you might must be a "So you think you can dance" fan too! I don't get to watch the show very often, but last night I heard several of your songs and thought ahh!

  2. You know that's Mariposa on Writing.Com right? :)


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