Saturday, August 16, 2008

Napa of the North

I'm home from our Canadian vacation!! :-) Here is the illustrated story of our trip!!

We started off driving a lot. Over to Spokane for a quick trip to Nordstroms (yes, priorities!) where we ate lunch--their lil' cafe is so yummy and I got 2 new bra's which I desperately needed. Driving with three kids in one vehicle can be interesting. For the most part they did well, although as the time spent in the car got longer they did get a bit more antsy. The trip over we let Lindz sit in the back with her older cousin, which worked okay for a bit. On the way back she sat up with me and Kera where I could keep her in arms reach.

After hours of riding in the car we got to Canada. My sister had never been out of the country, so we stopped for a quick photo.

After that we drove through some rain, and up a steep and windy road which seemed forever long but in reality was only 15K and finally arrived at the Lake Okanagan Resort.
Ha ha, actually thats not the resort, but a cool looking cemetery on the way to the Lavender Fields and this really cool pyramid winery that we went to on the 2nd day there. Surprisingly, I discovered that I have no pictures of the resort or of our view from the balcony at the resort, both of which were really cool.
So the time spent at the resort was nice. We swam a lot, read a lot, watched tv and the kids played and we ate a lot. Staying at a timeshare is nice because you can get groceries and then cook your own meals--which saves money and is a bit healthier. The resort was on a hill and so everything we walked to was either uphill or downhill which made for great walks but also made my long run non-existant. I definitely got my excercise without it, though, with lots of walks and a few short runs and lots of swimming. Here are some of our fun activities:
View from the Pyramid Winery. There are a ton of them, over 100 in the Okanagan area--its nicknamed the "Napa of the North". We went to one since it wasn't very exciting for the kids--but the wine was amazing and the views impressive, too.
Me and Lindz at the winery:

Of course there was lots of playing in the water. Lindz went to Kids Camp one day and they took the kids out to these trampolines in the lake which were really cool. She was so brave jumping off of them into the lake and then swimming around with her lifejacket on. I was so impressed and proud of how comfortable she got in the water. Kera was perfectly content to play in the sand, except for when we swam in the pool--then she wanted someone to hold her and swim her around the pool at all times. I spent a lot of time in the water with my kiddos this trip, which was good--usually I make Erik do that kind of stuff and since he wasn't around to help this time I was "forced" to do it. It was a great reminder of how fun that can be and I am planning on doing more hands on stuff like that with the girls in the future.
It was a great vacation--lots of fun and memories with my family. (Hey Rosie, Weeeooo, weeeeoo, weeooo!). It was equally as nice to come home, though. The three of us missed our Erik and I missed my bed, too. Sharing a king with two squirmy kids is only "slumber party exciting" for one night. But I'm glad we went. Thanks Mom & Dad for a great vacation! I look forward to the next Canadian adventure in 2 years!! :-)

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  1. Glad you had such a great time! Great photos, too! :)


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