Saturday, August 23, 2008

The finale (finally!!)

76. I have an Bachelor's degree in English.

77. I've not really ever "used" it as in getting a job specifically incorporating it.

78. I want to go to Massage school next fall.

79. I got a massage once every month while prego with Kera and then on my due date and swear it helped me go into labor that day and be more comfortable the whole pregnancy. (thanks sarah!!)

80. I hate sports that are played w/ a ball. I was always afraid of getting hit in the head. That's probably why I like equipment necessary!

81. I had my 9th "spirthday" yesterday.

82. I have lived in three states and, I think, 8 different towns. Oh, and I was born on an Army base.

83. I have been in or visited Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Kentucky, Florida, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and California.

84. I really want to visit Hawaii & Alaska.

85. I worked a summer in Glacier National Park as a baker while I was in college. It was a really eye opening experience.

86. I've also worked at a taco place, a sandwich place, a couple of day cares, a library, an assisted living facility and a management company.

87. I like my current job best.

88. My favorite food type is oriental. My favorite breakfast is eggs, bacon, hashbrowns & toast. My favorite lunch is any yummy sandwich and salad or potato chips. My favorite snack is fruit. My favorite treat is dark chocolate. My favorite dessert is tiramisu. My favorite birthday cake is a tie between strawberry shortcake & yellow cake w/ chocolate frosting.

89. I hate doing my hair and avoid it if possible.

90. I love cuddling and kissing on my kids.

91. I worry a lot.

92. I have lost a lot of friends/relatives to death, more it seems than I should have at this age.

93. In exactly four days I will have a first-grader.

94. In eleven days I will also have a preschooler.

95. I want to watch the men's Olympic marathon tonight and root for Ryan Hall. But I think Erik and I will be on a date instead.

96. I love Montana.

97. As usual, I have a million things to do today including laundry and cleaning the house and finishing up Lindsay's room, which I repainted while she has been gone.

98. My kids have awesome grandparents who love to hang out and help out with them.

99. I have an awesome husband.

100. I pronounce the word "aunt" how it is spelled and NOT how the general public pronounces it, which I think is incorrect.

101. I think I'm kind of weird, but that's me. :-)

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  1. It was easier -- I had it from an old blog and just updated it! ;-)


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