Saturday, August 23, 2008

Big Girl Room #2

Okay, so Lindsay has been up at the lake with her grandparents all week and while she's been gone I decided to finally paint her room. So I covered the purple/pink with a pretty light blue and then painted over her dresser and table/chair with a dark brown. I really love it and hope she likes it too. It is all complete except for a fabric memory board that I need to get the fabric for and make, hopefully I can finish that tomorrow. :-) Here's the room:
Kera modeling in the cubby hole where I put the transfer I ordered special for her room. I love, love, LOVE the transfer!!
Here's the cubby hole with the newly painted dresser (it use to be yellow). I also got new chrome hardware that really makes it look nice, I think. I also moved the brown chair from Kera's room into Lindsays and moved the plastic kitchen out of Lindsay's into Kera's. It kind of makes sense since the chair is more for an older kid and the kitchen a younger. Lindz never plays with it anyways. Now I think I need to get one more blue/brown cute pillow for that chair cuz the one in the pic actually goes on L's bed...
A close up of the dresser....
Notice how great that blue looks with the plates? I like that...
And a view of the bed...I just really like the blue & brown.

I'm quite pleased with how well it turned out. And with Erik helping me paint furniture, how easy it was. Absolutely nothing like doing Kera's room. :-) Now I can't wait to see if she likes it--she has no idea I'm even doing it while she's gone. :-)


  1. It looks fantastic! I'm jealous. Will you come do my bedroom, too? :)

  2. It's beautiful and you know how I feel about brown and blue...

  3. I agree with need to come to my bedroom too! And Carter's! It looks wonderful!

  4. LOL...I'm not doing another room except my own until my girls are old enough to do the painting themselves! :-)


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