Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lake, Round 2

This last weekend up at the lake, in review...
1. Fished a couple times each day but mostly were skunked. The fish were in the bay but we had the wrong size jigs. :-(

2. Each time we took the boat out to fish it was a great boat ride, especially in the evening. So beautiful. I never really noticed till this trip how the water has little ripples inside the bigger waves/ripples. It looks pretty cool.

3. Picked raspberries and got to bring some home as well as fresh rhubarb (can anyone say pie?), snap peas, radishes and strawberry jam. (My mother in law is like the Montana version of Martha Stewart--she rocks. After visiting her, I always think about how nice it would be to have a garden of my own and all those fresh fruits and veggies but then I remember all the work involved and decide its not really for me! lol)

4. Went for a long run up there--did 5 miles (although I misread my training log and it should've been 6, oh well!) at about 6am on Saturday and it was absolutely gorgeous on the way back. I was facing the lake and the sun was still behind this big cloud but there were streams of light coming out (like the cover of a Frank Peretti book) and the mountains and islands on the lake had this diluted light on them (kinda like they were hazy) it really was spectacular. I love it when I remember why I love outside runs and beautiful scenery is one of those reasons!

5. Got to meet some relatives from Florida---Erik's dad's cousin and her hubby--and that was nice. She is a reader and so it was fun to talk books.

6. The girls slept in the sailboat with their Papa on Saturday night and although they enjoyed it I dont think they got a ton of sleep cuz on Sunday they were OH SO grumpy, it was torture. Come to think of it, maybe it was just the whole weekend catching up to them, but still, they were horrid.

7. The girls started to help water the garden but ended up with wet clothes and that transitioned their wet clothes being strewn all over the yard while they ran around buck nekkid, so here are a few pics I captured...
This week is back to gymnastics camp for the girls and lots of preparation for me for the upcoming Canada trip...I keep saying I "have a million things to do" and I'm only slightly exaggerating.


  1. Looks like you all had an amazing time! :) I can't wait to have summers like yours. You know, Jason and I are talking about going to Yellowstone next summer? Maybe we can meet up if we do!

  2. Oh yeah! I'd love to meet up...Yellowstone is about 3 or so hours south east of here, but that is a totally doable distance! :-)

  3. If you go to the park...you better come see us too! I want to meet your little girls! I think we're only about 1.5 from the entrance if you go through Cody. I love having little streakers around, reminds me not to take life too seriously.


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