Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mountains & Cherries

The Mission Mountains on the way up to the lake last weekend. They were beautiful and this would be a great picture if it wasn't for that sign. Don't worry, we weren't parked there! :-) Had a great weekend up at the lake with Erik's dad. We went fishing and managed to each catch one--thats always a good thing when its me and the boys fishing--I love to either outfish or at least match them! Then we headed into town--Polson was hopping. There was these really fast boat races (Erik calls them cigar boats) and then it was the Cherry Festival, so there were venders and of course, cherries. The cherries weren't quite at the peak of their season however, so not as tasty as they could have been, but it was still fun. We wandered around the festival for a bit and then went down to the river park and sat on a blanket to watch some of the boats.
It was a nice & relaxing weekend, probably nothing like this coming weekend will be. Looks like we're going back up to the lake, this time both his parents are there and some relatives from Florida. So it'll be a bit busier--but I'm sure it'll be just as fun. I hope the fishing is good! :-) I've got a million things to do before we leave this evening, so I'm off. :0)


  1. Wow! You sure are busy, huh? Have fun on your weekend away! :)

  2. Ooohh...I made it to Flathead one time right during the peak of cherry season and nearly foundered myself. I keep watching for roadside stands around here, but no luck...I'm going to have to brave the farmers market next weekend I think. Glad you are having so much fun this summer and keeping busy. I can't wait until all my kids are big enough to do all that stuff!


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