Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You know a book is good when....

1. You spend all day reading it when you could be spending quality time with your kids.
2. The on & off bickering of your kids goes unnoticed by you because you're too enthralled in the book.
3. You read the whole thing cover to cover, including the acknowledgments, Q&A's, Book Club questions and "About the Author".
4. You tear up at more than one part and keep reading to find out "what happens".
5. Even when its finished you want to keep reading something so you go out and buy a new book the same day (or the next day if you've finished it at 3a.m.)
6. You recommend it to all your friends and post a link to it in your blog. :-)

Go read it, you won't be sorry...a really cool side note is that the author went through the U of M writing program and now resides here.

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