Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fun Activity at the Lake #32

We do a lot of fun things at the lake, well, the girls do most of them!! Kera and I weren't here but a few hours and she was requesting to go to the schoolhouse playground to play. She and I drove up to join Lindsay who had come up with Papa & Grandma after Kera's birthday party on Friday. Erik is off riding his banshee at the sand dunes, so I figured us girls might as well hang out with his folks and do our own playing. So here are some pictures of the girls playing this evening after dinner and the schoolhouse about 15 miles down the road...
Monkey bar girl...
There was this cool balance thing that the girls liked, but the first time across Kera got a little worried at the end trying to figure out how she was gonna get down.
"Old school" merry go round--I love this action shot of Papa pushing them, they are clear and he's all blurry and you can see they are having an absolute ball!
I love action shots!! Lindsay on the slide :-) And one of me, for once, gotta love the self-portraits done via "one arm hold".

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