Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm tired...

Just got home from the lake with the girls and I am just exhausted! I think it was the effort of traveling w/ the girls w/o Erik --loading the car, driving all myself, referee-ing from the front seat, hitting Reserve street at 4pm on a friday and then finally getting home w/ hot & cranky kids to unpack the car and put everything away and start laundry. Phew. I'm am just pooped. SO I ordered a pizza for dinner. :-) But then again I dont really have any groceries in the house to make dinner with anyways. Looks like I'll be hitting the grocery store tonight after we go to the park. Yeah, I'm completely exhausted and I'm taking the girls to the park. *whine, whine, whine*. A bunch of folks from church are meeting up there to play games and have a little going away party for a gal who's moving to WA. I made the mistake of telling the girls about going to the park to play with their friends on the drive home today, now they won't let us NOT go to the park. So even though I'd rather stick in a dvd and sit on the couch w/ some popcorn, I'll be taking them to the park. Don't get me wrong, my friends will be there too, it will be nice to catch up after being gone all week, but its gonna take some effort on my part! Lol.

Tomorrow I will run 9 miles and then next Thurs I'll probably run another 9 (my two long runs, there will also be several short ones in the mix) and then the next Sunday, the 13th, is the half-marathon. I can't believe its this close it kind of feels like its just snuck up on me. I think I'll be ready physically to run, but mentally I'm getting kind of nervous about it. Even though I've done races before, I've never done one of this size and so there are a lof of unknowns and I'll be the first to admit; me + unknowns or new situation = anxiety. I think me and C are gonna run part of the course tomorrow so that might help a lot. I hope so!!

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