Saturday, May 31, 2008

Seventy-Nine Minutes

I did my long run today (7 miles in 79 minutes) at a nice flat area called Fort Missoula and I finally got to run with my training buddy C!! It was great. I was pleasantly surprised when we saw a momma fox and her two babies and later, a whole bunch of prairie dogs. I didn't think we'd see wildlife over there! We kept each other at a pace slow enough to talk but still faster than my norm and the ease of running on a flat path was amazing to me! I am just so psyched for the race, I have this huge determination and hope that I can do it and do it well enough to feel good at the end and maybe *gasp* possibly enjoy it!! :0)

I need to brag for a minute about my dear hubby. I put him in charge of planning a date for tonight and so far I'm impressed. He had to coordinate with friends who live almost two hours south of us who we had planned to double with. He had to arrange babysitting not only for our two but for their two kids as well. He had to make dinner reservations and he had to communicate all the above plans to me and the other couple. So far, so good!! I am really excited to go eat at the place he arranged--its our favorite date place and has awesome, awesome food and a pretty good atmosphere. I'm also looking forward to just spending time with Erik without the constant interruption of kids. And our friends are cool too, it will be really nice to be able to chat with them as well. They are spending the night since church is tomorrow and I am actually ahead of the game--I bought buttermilk this last week so I could make the really good kind of pancakes in the morning!! I'm so homey sometimes lol.

One of my good friends moved today. She and her hubby moved to a bigger city about 3 hours west of here--she has a new job there. Although I'm very excited for them because its a great opportunity it is a kind of bittersweet thing. Her and I had gotten pretty close in the last year and a half or so, and so I'm really gonna miss her. It's a good thing she isn't too far away. Her mom said something about driving over to see her when we needed our "Jess fix". :-) I think she's right about that. So, Jess, let me know when you guys get that guest room all set up and I'm coming over to see you and do some serious shopping!!

Alright, I'm off to shower and do all the Saturday duties that are waiting for my attention!


  1. Will do, but it might be a bit yet! We have almost all the boxes unpacked and I will post pictures after I have some of my pictures up and the place looks more homey. I LOVE my bathroom!

    Great time on the run - way to go! Next year you can come out here for Bloomsday!

    Where did you guys go to dinner?

  2. Great job Kendra! Hope your date was fun-


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