Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blender. Field Trip. Crafty. Dennys.

I discovered the power of the blender today. Well, not all by myself, I was inspired by a friend who had this "shake" on Memorial Day at this BBQ I went to. The shake was made up of juice, banana, berries, carrots, spinach & wheat grass. Sounds really healthy doesn't it? Yeah, this friend is kind of a health nut, but in a good way. Anyway, we were talking and I was asking if it tasted good and started on the idea of using a shake like that to get my kids to eat a little more veggies. Now, don't get me wrong, my kids like veggies and usually eat the ones I serve, but I don't know how much veggies Lindz eats at lunch and usually Kera doesn't even eat lunch so I know they could do with upping their servings. So, I tried it just now. I put in some 100% juice, a banana, some strawberries & blackberries I had in the frig, a handful of frozen berries for thickness and a handful of.....spinach. I blended it up and the blackberries made the shake nice and dark which was good I was a bit uneasy about serving them a green shake! Both of the girls downed their glasses and Lindz even asked for more!! I tried some and decided it was pretty good--the spinach taste was very slight, I think if I had added anymore it would've been too strong, so it was almost perfect! I am stoked, if this is something I can serve them daily as an afternoon snack of sorts it will be great! :-)

I am tired and have been fighting a headache and heartache. Sometimes I get so tired of just life stuff...of the laundry that never ends and the shoes I keep picking up all over the house and the constant "Mom!" soundtrack. Then there's some other "stuff" weighing on my heart a bit that is tiring, too. I'm thinking maybe I need a bit of a me-break...


I helped out on Lindz' field trip this morning and it was interesting. They went to the local Smokejumper center and I'd never been so I feel like I learned just as much as they did. There's not much more exciting to a bunch of 6 year olds than parachutes, airplanes and guys jumping out of airplanes wearing the parachutes. As we near fire season here in Montana, I think I'll have a different perspective on the smokejumpers as a result.

I have to wonder if other parents have this problem that I tend to have....a lot of times that I volunteer to help with L's class, especially if she's in my group, she has a tendency to behave testily. You'd think she'd be the one to really listen and be an example, but NO she's the one to roll her eyes at me and go to the very brink of the line between obeying/disobeying...its tiring and frustrating. Sometimes she does great, but the other times when she doesn't, I just wonder why it is I'm even helping in the first place! I even found myself today wondering why I try to help so much. Part of my heart is to be involved with her and her class, especially since my "job" gives me the freedom to do so--I want to know her friends and her teachers and see her in her element. I want her to remember me as a mom who got involved. Maybe its just that I'm ready for summer vacation too, but today I found myself getting tired of the kids, not just her but all of them...hopefully thats it because I want to help out in her classroom because I want to and not because I feel obliged.

I can't wait til I have more time to craft...I'm feeling the itch to do a couple different things. I want to do some beading -- L & K's Grandma K brought them little beading projects we did last weekend and they really enjoyed it but I discovered how easy it can really be, and I'd like to pick up some more stuff and maybe make a necklace or something.

Then, I made this for Kera's room (below) and I'd like to do one for Lindsay's too. It was pretty easy and quick--I'd say 30 mins after gathering all your supplies. I might even have to make one for the kitchen for all my memos and notes to cover the unused phone jack!

And last, but not least, a delightful picture of my darling Kera while she was traveling with daddy...the caption said "going to town on dinner". E had never seen her eat so much in one sitting as this particular evening at Denny' guess she likes breakfast for dinner!

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