Sunday, May 25, 2008

Birthday Aftermath

Scenes from the Birthday party yesterday....there was a great turnout with it being Memorial Day weekend and the kids seemed to really have fun. My only complaint would be that they didn't have enough time to eat cake and do presents--we were rushing to finish and get everyone into their shoes and stuff at the end. Otherwise, it was great. Now I have new toys spread out all over the house and have played the new Pretty, Pretty Princess game at least 3 times today so far! I'm really glad we have tomorrow to kind of recoup.

For the cake, I decided I'd try the whole "cupcake cake" thing that I've heard so much about.For several reasons:
1. I thought it would make serving it easier without the need to cut the cake and I thought we could get away with having to use forks.
2. I also thought it would be cheaper cuz I could get just enough cupcakes for the kids and not have a bunch of leftover cake.
I was wrong for the following reasons:
1. The frosting was soooo thick on these suckers that we had to use forks to separate them from each other and half the kids ended up eating with their forks because the cupcakes were so messy. The other half of the kids didn't even eat their cupcakes.
2. Since I ordered the "cake" about a week and a half ago I wasn't sure how many kids and so I ordered a little more than I thought we'd need. Turns out I had over half of the cupcakes left, so it probably would've been cheaper just to go with a small cake and cut small pieces.
Oh well, it sure looked cool. But the frosting was over the top--when we got home I scraped the frosting off and put the cupcakes in a tupperware so I could freeze them and the box with JUST FROSTING was soo heavy it was unreal. I think there was probably a couple pounds of frosting
I'm tired. This week has been busy and then I've been staying up a bit late each night (watching movies with Erik or reading) and so I have not been getting enough sleep. Then again, maybe the reason I feel ever so tired today is because I did my long run. lol (I didn't do 7 miles like I was suppose to, but got in about 6.1 which is much better than nothing, that is for sure!)
I gotta feed the girls and get a few chores done before church. If I'm lucky I may have time for a cat nap. An itty bitty one. :-)

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  1. She looks so big! How can we be at this point in life- to have kids this big? Looks like a great party! Good job Momma!


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