Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cutie Pies and This Week in Review

Kera's reaction to her new big girl princess room....she said, "I LOVE it!" So, of course, I was tickled pink (ha, as well.

This week was a busy one besides Kera & E's return from Minnesota we had his parents stay here a couple nights and we celebrated Lindsay's birthday most of the week. At my house birthdays usually turn into "birth -weeks" with all the grandparents wanting to celebrate, lol. Her birthday party with her friends is this afternoon at the gymnastics place, but I had to give her a couple of her gifts on Tuesday morning, here she is in all her 6 year old just got out of bed glory:

I got to see my Grandma and her hubby, my great uncle Stan and my great aunt Pat this week too, which was really nice. I love seeing relatives and I'm really grateful that for the most part my family is pretty good about staying in touch.
Thursday was Kera's last day of gymnastics for the school year....we've been going at the same time since September and so we'd really gotten to know the other kids and parents in her class. I have really enjoyed being able to sit and chat with the three other moms who have had that same lesson time the whole year. We would always be chatting so much that we would be surprised when class was over already! I have their contact info so I'm hoping to get together this summer for some playdates. :-) Here's a few pics of Kera doing her gymnastics thing:

I tried really hard to catch her in the midst of some of her more exciting moves, but turns out that is easier said than done. If I turned off the flash to make my camera quicker than the photo turned out unfocused & blurry, so I am not sure what to do. I think I need to take a class or do some reading on how to best use my camera because I'm sure there are some settings somewhere that would help with that! Lol.
Well, I did it. I registered for the half-marathon, so for $40 I am officially running a half marathon on July 13th! I'm a bit intimidated by the idea still, but am trying to just focus on getting my running in and enjoying it. Although since Erik was gone last week I had to do my long run on the treadmill...well I didn't have to, but I didn't' want to deal with childcare for Lindsay and it was unseasonably warm (read: HOT) so I chose to run it downstairs on my treadmill while watching a movie. It was extremely difficult. Even with the movie I got bored (and Lindsay got tired of how loud it had to be in order for me to hear it!) and for some reason the act of running that long on the treadmill really bothered my legs-- my feet tried to fall asleep and my knees were complaining a bit--neither problem I have when I run outside. So I managed to get in 5 miles in 83 minutes....pathetic but I'm holding on to the hope that my little distance thingy on the treadmill is a tad off. Anyway, my point is that I will not to any more of my long runs on the treadmill and since Erik was off early this morning to snowmobile (YES, there is still snowmobiling in mid-may in the mountains in Montana) I'm planning on running tomorrow--I'm up to 7 miles, so wish me luck! :-)
Alright, I gotta get prepared for this party later today, hopefully if I remember to change the batteries in my camera I'll have some cute pics to post later!

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