Saturday, May 17, 2008

Big Girl Princess Room!!

Remember those pictures I posted a couple entries back about wanting to re-do the girls' rooms? Well, this weekend I did Kera's room. She and Erik went to Minnesota for his cousins wedding, so I took advantage of it and painted her room. It was a ton of work--I had forgotten how tiring painting can be--but it was worth it and I can't wait to see her face tomorrow when she comes home and sees it for the first time. Its kind of like my own personal version of "While You Were Out". :-) Here's some pics I captured of the transformation and the final product:

Here's a part of the process. The light pink went on the whole room but the window seat area and took 2 coats. The darker pink went on the window seat area with 2 coats in addition to the tinted primer I used to make sure we covered all the dark blue. That was a lot of painting!
This was before the 2nd coat of pink on the window seat area, see the blue & stars still peeking out? lol. It took me all day!
Lindsay didn't really help me much, but she did whine about "when are you gonna do my room?" so I went ahead and gave her the new comforter & cover that I found at Shopko/Bed,Bath&Beyond at a steal of a deal. There she is on Kera's new princess bed, and here she is on her new bedding. Kinda gives you a taste of what her room will be themed around...pretty eh? :-)
Now, are you ready for the big reveal? After hours & hours of painting, a couple hours of sewing and a few hours of shopping, here is Kera's Big Girl Princess Room......
Princess canopy, Pink & Brown w/ some sage green thrown in, new window seat book nook:
I just LOVE the fabric on the pillows and the seat cushion, and the book box is a really soft, fuzzy fabric, its sooo cool. My mother helped me with the sewing part, er, I should say she did the sewing and I just ironed and did some of the final stitching. There is one more little thing I will do when I get it--I ordered some cool wall transfers to put on the wall below the window seat area, so I'll post pics of that when I get it. :-) And a view from the window seat...see the new bright pink laundry hamper ...and her name above the closet so she never forgets! Oh and I moved out the rocking chair and moved in this darker wicker one...I like the color better but not sure if Erik will like having a rocking chair in our

So there it is. I am really pleased with it. Its not perfect by any means (dont look at the paint line by the ceiling!) but I really like how it turned out and I think Kera will like it. You can't see the bedding under the green comforter but it says princess, as does the new blinged out pillow I got her, so she can have her princess room but it can transition pretty smoothly into big girl room someday, too. I cannnot WAIT to show her!! :-)


  1. It looks GREAT! I'm sure she'll love it.

  2. Wow! What a lovely little princess room! I hope Kera just loved it. I'm waiting until Carter is a little older to decorate her room so she can help pick it out.


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