Monday, April 21, 2008

My Civic Duty: Fulfilled

I can safely say I've done my civic duty for the year. I got called last week to be informed that I was being called for jury duty today. Even though it was sort of a pain, I made arrangements for the girls in the morning (I had to be there by 8am!) and for the afternoon on the chance that I would be chosen and it would go that late. I figured it was the least I could do, you know, being a citizen and stuff. Part of me was excited for the change in routine while the rest of me was disappointed to have to spend my day doing it and miss out on other things. So I went this morning to find that 17 others had been called. They only needed six jury members so I hoped that I would be one of the eleven dismissed. I wasn't. :-) So I ended up spending all morning there and finally getting out at about 1 pm. I am grateful that I am done early and glad to be done with it--the actual act of being the jury and deciding the outcome of the case was kind of hard! I wouldn't want to be on one of those big ol' cases that lasts days and days, this half day one was enough for me!

So the other day Erik was home early and ended up picking up Lindz from the bus for me, here's a picture of their return.

Notice her funny face? Thats what she does when I try to get her to pose nicely for a picture. I tell ya, I can see her father in her...:-)

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  1. Glad to see you are back...funerals, no matter the reason always take a toll on your life. I loved your picture of Lyndsey...Carter won't hardly let me take pictures of her right now, I have to sneak up on her, although she's a little better when they are outside.


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