Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well, obviously I am home from Minnesota. It was a bittersweet trip. On one hand it was really good to see my family -- it had been years since I'd talked to some of them. We kept saying how it was so unfortunate that we'd all come together for the reason we did, but that we'd have to keep in touch, and we're planning a family reunion for the summer of '09 so that is good. On the other hand, it was really sad. My cousin was such an amazing individual, she will be missed by a lot of people. And it was so hard seeing the grief of my aunt, her 2 daughters that are left and then my cousin's husband and kids at the funeral. I have a lot of emotions wheeling around about it, but I'm doing okay for the most part. I believe that God's grace is a bit deeper & wider for the mentally ill so I have hope that my cousin is finally free from her demons. I believe God has a plan bigger than I can see and imagine so I have hope for those kids & the rest of us that will miss her. I am sad but am trying to focus on the positives -- the great memories and the changes that it feels like our family is making as a result of this tragic loss.

On the homefront things are busy as usual. Lindz has a special event tonight at the school, a silent auction and spaghetti feed, so we'll be going to that. I'm still running and feeling optimistic about this years half-marathon goal. The Riverbank Run is coming up and so that will be fun, especially after my friend B talked to me last night about her possibly doing it too. Races are always more fun when you can at least start with a friend! :-)

Erik & I are "migrating" to a different small group at church and its exciting to have something new but kind of sad too since I've gotten so close to the ladies in our original group. But its not like I'm never going to see them, so its not that big of deal. Another friend, J, got a job she was eagerly awaiting and now the reality of her moving out of state is actually real and kind of bittersweet as well. I guess I have alot of emotional things going on right now, no wonder I feel somewhat like an open wound. But "this too shall pass" so I'm just hanging in there and focusing on all the positive and encouraging things going on around me, because there are a lot of those things too! :-) Our new church building, bible studies, sunny skies, new tv's, date nights and happy children are things I'm grateful for right now.

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