Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Okay, first of all, try saying the word "random" several times in a row. Not quick like tongue twister speed, but normal speaking speed and think about the sounds and the meaning of the word as you say it......Kind of weird huh? :-) I know, sometimes the poet in me just gets stuck on how words sound and how that relates to what they mean, its kind of weird.

So, what have I been up to? Well, Lindsay and I did the Riverbank Run on Saturday. I did the 5k and then she did the 1 mile fun run, which I did with her. She started off not wanting to do it at all, but I talked to her about at least finishing it by walking before she decided she didn't like races. I think she is a lot like her mom and a bit intimidated by new experiences, and waiting with a whole bunch of other people at the start line is quite the experience!! So, she ended up agreeing to walk it, but then she's start jogging here and there, so she ran a little too and then I told her she could run as fast as she could at the end and she did! As soon as I said she could run fast she shot out ahead of me and I had to work to catch up to her, it was really fun. I did alright myself. I started the race with a friend from church and her sister. They had a stroller so we started at the back of the pack & quite slow but their pace was right on track with mine so it was perfect. Once we hit the 3 mile marker I sped up though, I just have to finish a race strong and when I know I'm in the homestretch I like to push it. Here is my results:

There were 63 finishers in the Female 30 to 34 age group and1010 finishers in the race.
Your overall finish place was 702 and your age group finish placewas 45. Your overall finish percentile was 70 while your age grouppercentile was 71. Your time of 35:18.5 gave you a 11:23 pace per mile.

So I'm definitely NOT the fastest runner, but that time was pretty darn good for me, so I'm happy with it. :-)

What else? We're having a Cinco de Mayo party here on Friday night, should be fun. I love Mexican food and I always enjoy hosting dinner parties. This will be the first party for our new small group from church, so should be fun. I'm making chimichangas, mexican cake (a new recipe) and all the toppings for the chimi's. It should be deliciouso! :-)

Alrighty, I got a ton to do, so I'll close with a picture. No, no cute kiddies today. Just me and a couple cousins from our sad trip to Minnesota. I took my camera but never remembered to take any pics, so I'm anxiously awaiting the generosity of my family to send me copies. Here's one my sister sent me. We were killing a day at the Mall of America. I just realized I'm really tall compared to them! lol...


  1. NIce job on your race! I was really hoping to run this year, but surprise, number 2 had other plans. If you ever get a chance, you really need to do the Bolder Boulder run down in Colorado. It's amazing and would be worth the trip. 52,000+ runners (maybe in two years I'll be ready again!) It's a 10K run all through the town of Boulder, with entertainment on the sidelines the whole way. I've done one, and want to go again.

  2. Great job! I have yet to get back into racing. Too many things are slowing my progress! Surgery, now asthma. It's frustrating!

    I'm glad you did well. I hope the time was a personal best - and if not, then strive for a personal best at the next one! It isn't about winning! It's about striving to be healthy! :-)

  3. Doh! I commented but it didn't go through.

    I'm glad that you were able to do well at the race! Finishing is more than half of the battle, so any time is better than none, even if your time wasn't the fastest! :-)


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