Monday, March 3, 2008

And, we're back....

Phew. I am home & tired. Erik & I went to Vegas last week with some friends for some rest & relaxation, but I may be more tired now than before we left. It was a great trip -- lots of good food, fun shopping, a little casino action and lots of rest -- but the whole 20 hour drive thing there and back kind of sucked the life right out of me.

I. will. never. drive. to. Vegas. Again.

Now that I am home I am knee deep in all the "welcome home" duties that seem to never end -- unpacking, laundry and cleaning. Right now I'm running out the door for some groceries since the cupboards are bare like Mother Hubbards. But I wanted to post a picture of the beautiful roses that Erik got me yesterday for our 7th Anniversary. :=) He's the best.

I will post more about Vegas and some pictures later, when I feel somewhat caught up!

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  1. Welcome back! What beautiful flowers, too. And happy anniversary!


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